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Goal: Typing Goal Update – 2 Weeks In

I have now worked on my typing training for two weeks.

My results this time got worse.

Results, April 21st

  • Mean WPM this time: 34.67 (- 2.10 WPM)
  • Mean WPM test 1 week: 36.77
  • Mean WPM first test: 32.27 (only did one test run)
  • Mean Accuracy this time: 91.69% (- 2.96)
  • Mean Accuracy test 1 week: 94.65%
  • Mean Accuracy first test: 93.83% (only did one test run)

Afternoon UPDATE:
2020-04-21 afternoon results:

  • Mean WPM: 37.34 (+ 0.57 WPM from last week)
  • Mean accuracy: 92.69% (- 1.96 from last week)

Reflections & Takeaway

My results this time got worse. One thing could be that I did the test early in the morning and before having eaten anything.
I will do one more in the afternoon to se if I write as poorly then as I did in the morning.
Doing a second test in the afternoon because I am dissatisfied with the results is cheating – I did not take a second test last time when I improved to make sure that test wasn’t a fluke.

Other than time of day and lack of food I do not why my typing did’t improve. I will update this post after I do a second test for the day – at noon:ish.

Afternoons edit: My accuracy seems to have gone down or at least is not improving. I should focus more on it. This could also be a reason why speed is not improving that much (correcting mistakes takes time).

Takeaway: Do the test roughly the same time each Tuesday. Around noon if possible and after a meal.

Training Plan & Tools

I still do three sessions per day. I have increased some sessions to 11-12 minutes.

I have added as a tool and use it for one session per day.

Criticism Wanted

Do you have any criticism of my approach? Do you know a better way for me to reach this goal of mine? If you do, I would appreciate it if you let me know by posting it in the comments.

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Programming and Philosophy

I am learning programming. The programming language I chose to learn is Scheme.

Why learn Scheme, a symbolic programming language, of all things?

The reason is that I want to understand the conceptual thinking of programming. Regarding programming, Curi (Elliot Temple), told me:

you need the big picture instead of to treat it like a bunch of math.

Scheme looks to have good resources for doing that. From Simply Scheme’s foreword:

It [Simply Scheme] emphasizes programming as a way to express ideas, rather than just a way to get computers to perform tasks.

This is the essence of how good philosophy works as well: learning to understand concepts, integrating them into the big picture, and avoiding contradictions in the process. Objectivism teaches this. In Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, Ayn Rand writes:

There are two different methods of learning: by memorizing and by understanding. The first belongs primarily to the perceptual level of a human consciousness, the second to the conceptual.
[…] The second method of learning—by a process of understanding—is possible only to man. To understand means to focus on the content of a given subject (as against the sensory—visual or auditory—form in which it is communicated), to isolate its essentials, to establish its relationship to the previously known, and to integrate it with the appropriate categories of other subjects. Integration is the essential part of understanding.

Rand, in Atlas Shrugged:

Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.

Do you see the similarities between good philosophy and Scheme programming?

By learning programming I work on philosophy – and by learning philosophy I work on my programming.

I am using Simply Scheme to learn Scheme.

Goal: Typing Goal Update – 1 Week In

I have practiced my typing for about a week using typing software to work on this goal of mine.

Every Tuesday for about 10 weeks I will do tests on and post my results.

I will do one typing session as training that I do not count towards the results. After one test run, I will do 3 sessions that count to the result presented below.

Results, April 14th

  • Mean WPM this time: 36.77 (+ 4.5 WPM)
  • Mean WPM last test: 32.27 (only did one test run)
  • Mean Accuracy this time: 94.65% (+ 0.82)
  • Mean Accuracy last test: 93.83% (only did one test run)

Training Tools

I have mainly used a program called KeyKey Typing Tutor. It was working well up until lesson 6 where my keyboard keys no longer matched the available ones in KeyKey. I still use KeyKey but only lesson 1-5.

On April 12th I added to my training.

Training Plan

I do three sessions per day. 10 minutes each.

Since adding to my training plan I have used KeyKey for 2 sessions and for one session each day.

Goal: Learn to type faster with high accuracy

One of my current goals is to learn to type on a keyboard faster and with high accuracy (95% or above).

I did test my speed and accuracy at yesterday (April 6th).

I type in English.

Results, April 6th

  • 32,27 words per minute (WPM)
  • 93,83% accuracy


I will use typing training software on daily basis and do new tests every week. I will post my results in a new post once every week for as long as I continue this project.


I only did the test one time. I should do it at least 3 times and use the mean. That way it will not be as dependent on the text that pops up but better display my current typing level.