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Discussion Tree: An Analysis of Discussions in Idea Tree Form

Discussion trees are a subcategory of idea trees. Discussion trees can help you analyse discussions and see where they fall apart (if that happens) and what questions have been answered and how.

Below is a discussion tree of one discussion that I had with a friend on whether people can change.

You can see the discussion tree in bigger format:
nikluk’s discussion tree – “Can ppl change?”

Elliot Temple (curi) gives feedback and comments on my discussion tree in this stream (timestamped).

Idea Tree on Masks

This is my current idea tree on the subject masks and the covid-19 pandemic.

You can share this idea tree with people when you discuss this subject.

If you have criticism of my idea tree on masks, post it in the comment section.

You can see the idea tree in bigger format and with working links here:
nikluk’s idea tree on MASKS

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert nor do I have medical training. What I post regarding the coronavirus is what I believe is good information to be aware of.