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Quantitative Easing is Bad

Quantitative easing (QE) is an inflationary strategy. The FED basically creates and adds more money into the economy. Creating this new money devaluates all the existing money as more money becomes available. This is pretty much the same thing as when previous civilisations debased their coins by using less silver and more copper in them.

A The consequence of this is that the money you currently have buys you less than it previously would. Thus savers become losers when money loses in purchasing power. This basically discourages savings. But savings and investments are what fundamentally drive production and the economy.

That is roughly why I believe that QE is bad.

Blue text: edits made 2020-12-27

I’m Leaving Brave Browser

About 8 months ago I decided to change to Brave as my primary browser.

I had some mixed feelings using Brave. There are things that I did not like with Brave. Primarily the frequent updates (this messes up my work flow as I usually have many windows active with multiple folders in different workspaces on Mac and a browser restart brings most of the windows back into a single workspace), some sites not working as intended (I think this is due to the script blocking on Brave, but I am not certain), and the lack of a stable sync between devices.

These were issues I really didn’t like, but Brave did offer BAT earnings for using their browser in the form of shared ad revenue in return.

When I started using Brave, the BAT were around 20-23 BAT a month for my part. This amount was enough to keep me as a user and to look past the issues mentioned above and other more minor things.

Now the BAT earnings have dropped about 80% ~4-5 BAT a month (less than $1 worth). As it is now I do not see the BAT earnings moving up to the level it used to be at when I started using Brave. This makes the BAT earnings insignificant.

The main thing that kept me from leaving Brave was that the original level of the BAT revenue enabled me to buy a book on Amazon after a couple of moths use. Now that BAT revenue has dropped so much my incentives for using their browser is gone.

The privacy ups that one gets by using Brave I believe one can get from available extensions in overall better browsers. Thus I am leaving Brave and moving back to my old browsers (primarily Safari & Chrome).

Edit 2020-11-27:

I’m moving to Firefox primarily.