I Finished “Ruby Programming for Everyone”

I finished “Ruby Programming for Everyone“.

The online course basically starts out as short walkthrough videos of the basics in Ruby. The course pretty much lacks exercises for the most part. It is mostly a “code along”. I recommend you play a little with the code after each video to learn faster.
The last part, part 3, covers “classes” and is the best part of this course in my opinion. Part 3 is ok.

The teacher says things like “Ruby programmers tend to really like the ‘each loop’. They use it for everything, seems like. So it’s sort of the cool thing to do.” (from the “each loops” video).
I’m interested in learning to write good code, not to do the “cool thing” for whatever reason. I guess that there is a good reason for the preference of “each loops” in Ruby. There is however no explanation to what that is in this course – just that it is “cool”. I do not care if it is considered “cool” or not.

Programming for Everyone” is ok. It is nothing special. My recommendation would be to find something that has you being more hands on from the start instead if you are a complete beginner. Once you learn some basics you can come and check out the 3rd part of the course (“classes”) if you want to.

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