I Finished “Ruby Essential Training Part 1: The Basics”

I finished Ruby Essential Training Part 1: The Basics.

The online course started out ok but it was more of a demo of what one can do with the basics in Ruby. Not enough time is spent on actually get solid at the basics.

Ruby Essential Training Part 1: The Basics” works through how to do basic things in Ruby.

It works through too much stuff too fast for my taste. I would like a lot more exercises for each part. As it is now there is a “challenge” at the end of each chapter. I would learn more and better if there were challenges after each lecture / video instead of one challenge after a full block of videos.
There are examples to work with in every lecture / video, but those are not enough to actually learn.

The lectures / videos show alternative ways to do most things and then says that it is not common practice in Ruby. This is confusing for a beginner. Just show one way to do it and say there are other ways and link to the other ways. That way it would be less confusing.
The teacher doesn’t always explain some basic stuff but treats it as one should already know it. Sometimes I didn’t know that stuff.
Sometimes the teacher started to use short hand in his examples and solutions. There is no need to do that on beginner level in my opinion.

I wouldn’t recommend “Ruby Essential Training Part 1: The Basics” as a good start if you are completely new to programming.

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