I Am Learning Ruby

I have decided to start learning Ruby and to make a serious effort learning it.

My primary learning resources will be:

I will also check some videos on YouTube about learning Ruby at times.

I might or might not add new Ruby learning resources in the future on the blog to this post.

Commissions Earned on Amazon links.

Edit 2020-10-06:

I bought the book “Learn to Program (Facets of Ruby) 2nd Edition“. I will add this to my current learning resources.

Edit 2020-10-08:

I finished “Ruby Essential Training Part 1: The Basics“. Not a fan. I added “Ruby Programming For Everyone” to the above list.

Edit 2020-10-08:

I finished “Ruby Programming For Everyone“. It was ok. I added Pragmatic Studio’s three Ruby courses. It seemed by far the most ambitious course and had some good reviews. I bought their “mastery bundle” on Ruby (includes: “Ruby Course“, “Ruby Blocks Course“, “Rails Course“).

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