I Tried Some Tracking Tools

I have been looking for a simple way to track how much time I spend on different tasks. I tried some different tools for this purpose.

Timer-tab.com: Free to use. Easy to use. Very basic. Go to the webpage where you have a timer that you can start, pause and re-start. Displays timer in the tab space (at least on Mac).

Timemator 2.6: Might not be free to use. I have it through my Setapp account. Easy to use (just tested the basic features). Timemator has auto time tracking (ATT). ATT requires some setup that I didn’t bother to test. Timemator looks to have some fairly advanced settings for a time tracker – the most advanced of the ones that I tested. I do not need something this advanced. If I do later on I might go back and try to setup what I need in Timemator. I only tried simple manual time tracking. It is easy and works well for tracking time.

Toggl.com: Free to use. Easy to use. No long setup time. Fits my current needs the best. Create folders (eg “Philosophy” and “Programming”) and add specific tasks to the folders (eg “Book, ‘Philosophy Who Needs It?’” add to “Philosophy” and time starts. Toggle also provides basic stats on what you spent your time on. There is also an app so that you can track stuff on the go. Toggle is my choice for time tracking at present.

I have no connection to any of these. I’m simply sharing my take on some time tracking tools that I tried out lately.

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