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Learn Good Economics – George Reisman

I think that George Reisman is the best living economist today.

Reisman was a student of both Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises. Reisman’s magnum opus is “Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics“. It is available for free in pdf format on his website.
He has also written many great shorter essays on different economical subjects which are all available on Amazon for pretty much $0.99 a piece as far as I am aware.

A few days ago Reisman posted a series of lectures that he delivered between 1967-2007 on his blog which can help in understanding “Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics” better.

If you want to learn good economics, I recommend you to start reading Reisman and listening to these lectures.

We have made great mistakes — all living creatures make mistakes. It is indeed impossible to foresee all the unintended consequences of our actions. Here science is our greatest hope: its method is the correction of error.

Karl Popper, “In Search of a Better World

How I’m Approaching My Reading List

The way that I have decided to approach my reading list is that I start out listening to a book. I mainly use Audible or Voice Dream Reader for this. During this step I usually make some bookmarks and take some notes in some app.

If I chose to put more effort into learning the ideas from one of these books right now I will go on and read the book as well. During this step I will look extra at the bookmarks taken from the first step (listening) and also take new notes as well as quotes from the book.

Later I intend to share some of my understanding of what I have read for criticism here on the site and probably at FI as well.