Weekly Goal Summary 2020-05-16 (& New Goal Revisions)

Period: 2020-05-09 – 2020-05-15
(“Goal weeks” starts on Saturdays and ends on Fridays.)

I met 0 out of 3 main goals for this week.
I met 1 out of 2 secondary goals this week.

Old Goals (up until 2020-05-15)

Main Goals

  • Programming / Simply Scheme (minimum 2 chapters / week)
    Not met. Finished one chapter only. Chapter 5. 
  • YESNO Philosophy (post & discuss at least 1 question with ET / Alisa / week)
    Not met. Did not discuss anything from YESNO content.
  • Overreaching & learning
    Not met. Did not have a concrete goal for this.

Secondary Goals

  • Typing (minimum 30 min / day)
    Not met. Tuesday I did less than 30 min. All other days I did at least 30 min.
  • Blog (minimum 1 non-goal related posts / week)
    Met. Posted 1 non-goal related post.


I am not meeting my goals. I am overreaching. I am making some changes so that I can start reaching my goals and stop overreaching.

Once I start consistently meeting my goals, I can add more ambitious goals.

I pursued this the wrong way. In “Life, Overreaching and Correcting Error“, ET writes (my bold emphasis added):

Don’t jump into the deep end; don’t sit in the shallow end forever; go step by step. (To do this, you need to figure out what you can do successfully, with a manageable error rate. That’s best accomplished by doing something really easy and succeeding, then moving forward from there with big steps, until the first failure. To find your skill level, *don’t start from the deep end and work backwards with a succession of failures* until one success; instead start from the shallow end and work forward with a succession of successes.)

I started from the deep end.

  1. Change 1: Focus on overreaching and learning to learn to understand them better and remove YESNO as a main goal for the time being.
  2. Change 2: Goal to do 1 chapter per week of Simply Scheme instead of 2 chapters.
  3. Change 3: Change typing goal to “minimum 30 min per day on average” from “minimum 30 min / day“. This way I do not fail the whole goal without being able to fix it if I for some reason miss 30 min of typing on one particular day.

New Goals (from 2020-05-16)

Main Goals

  • Programming / Simply Scheme (minimum 1 chapter / week)
  • Overreaching & learning (Write down what I know. Work on it and update it once every week.*)

Secondary Goals

  • Typing (minimum 30 min / day on average)
  • Blog (minimum 1 non-goal related posts / week)

Temporary Goals

Shorter term goals. About one week. Mainly focused on working on a particular skill.

* ET in “Non-Overreaching Learning” on Subscribestar: “1. Consider and write down what you know. 2. Work on things near the borders of your knowledge. 3. Expand your knowledge so new, additional stuff is near the borders. 4. Repeat. Add the new knowledge to your list/diagram of what you know. Reevaluate where the borders are and what’s near them. Work on stuff near the new borders.”

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