Goal: Typing Goal Update – 5 Weeks In

Results, May 12th

  • Mean WPM this time: 42.40
  • Mean WPM test 4 weeks: 38.69
  • Mean WPM test 3 weeks: 38.34
  • Mean WPM test 2 weeks: 34.67
  • Mean WPM test 1 week: 36.77
  • Mean WPM first test: 32.27 (only did one test run)
  • Mean Accuracy this time: 97.30%
  • Mean Accuracy test 4 weeks: 92.88%
  • Mean Accuracy test 3 weeks: 93.35
  • Mean Accuracy test 2 weeks: 91.69%
  • Mean Accuracy test 1 week: 94.65%
  • Mean Accuracy first test: 93.83% (only did one test run)

typing progress 2020-05-12



Focusing on accuracy for a week payed off. Not making mistakes improves WPM as well, as less time is wasted on correcting errors (this is true not only for typing but for all things regarding error correction).

I still get stressed out during the test runs when I make a mistake and it takes me a significant amount of time to fix it.

I will continue with primarily typingclub.com during next week. It has the most parts of actual writing (eg capital letters, symbols, and full text). Also I like using it.

Focus will continue to be accuracy.

Training Plan & Tools

I still roughly do three sessions per day. I try to do a minimum of 30′ of typing training in total per day.

One change from last week is that I do not move forward from one exercise to the next before I hit at least 97% accuracy on the exercise undertaken.

I have been using the following tools since the last test:

  • typingclub.com (Speed and accuracy – now includes capital letters, symbols, and numbers.)

Criticism Wanted

Do you have any criticism of my approach? Do you know a better way for me to reach this goal of mine? If you do, I would appreciate it if you let me know by posting it in the comments.

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