Weekly Goal Summary 2020-05-09

Period: 2020-05-02 – 2020-05-08
(“Goal weeks” starts on Saturdays and ends on Fridays.)

I met 0 out of 2 main goals for this week.
I met 2 out of 3 secondary goals this week.

Main Goals

  • Programming / Simply Scheme (minimum 2 chapters / week)
    Not met. Finished one chapter only. Chapter 5. 
  • YESNO Philosophy (post & discuss at least 1 question with ET / Alisa / week)
    Not met. Did not discuss anything from YESNO content.

Secondary Goals

  • Typing (minimum 30 min / day)
    Met. I did a minimum of 30 min / day this week.
  • Evaporating clouds (learn basics and practice making some each week)
    Not met. Did not make any evaporating clouds.
    I am removing this goal from next week on and adding a new main goal: work on understanding overreaching & learning.
  • Blog (minimum 1 non-goal related posts / week)
    Met. Posted 1 non-goal related post.

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