Goal: Typing Goal Update – 3 Weeks In

Results, April 28th

  • Mean WPM this time: 38.34
  • Mean WPM test 2 weeks: 34.67
  • Mean WPM test 1 week: 36.77
  • Mean WPM first test: 32.27 (only did one test run)
  • Mean Accuracy this time: 93.35%
  • Mean Accuracy test 2 weeks: 91.69%
  • Mean Accuracy test 1 week: 94.65%
  • Mean Accuracy first test: 93.83% (only did one test run)

typing progress 2020-04-28


I seem to have hit a plateau.

My biggest problems during the typing test are capital letters and symbols. I will utilise the tools that use capital letters and symbols in my training more in the coming week, to see if that helps me improve.

I am not honest with myself regarding accuracy being the focus. I usually try to go faster instead of being more accurate. That might be a reason to why my accuracy is not improving at all.
I will put more effort into being more accurate when I type train this coming week.

Training Plan & Tools

I still roughly do three sessions per day. I try to do a minimum of 30′ of typing training per day.

I have been using the following tools since the last test:

  • zty.pe (Speed over accuracy – no capital letters or symbols – game.)
  • typeracer.com (Speed and accuracy – includes capital letters and symbols – compete w/ other ppl.)
  • typingclub.com (Speed and accuracy – so far no capital letters but includes symbols.)
  • KeyKey (Speed and accuracy – no capital letters or symbols (might have these if you have a US keyboard).)

Criticism Wanted

Do you have any criticism of my approach? Do you know a better way for me to reach this goal of mine? If you do, I would appreciate it if you let me know by posting it in the comments.

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