Revisiting Goals: New Goals from 2020-04-23

I had too many main goals that I tried to work on at the same time. I wanted to: learn programming, to improve my typing skills vastly, to learn critical discussion, to have lengthy discussions on covid (building on ideas that I still do not fully comprehend), read and comment on multiple books, start a blog and continuously post content there, make idea trees – all while trying to learn more Objectivism, critical rationalism, and YesNo philosophy.

I overreached. I knew better than this but did nothing to change it for weeks.

One problem that I see was that I didn’t start out with a clear goal. Instead I added more goals on the go as I came into contact with stuff that I am interested in.

This time I am being clear on my goals and I am limiting them to 2 main goals and 3 secondary goals.

You can see my goals and learning plan by going to “FI LOG” in the header.

These goals should be worked on each day for at least 2h / day (in total).
Secondary goals are the ones that will be prioritised away if I, for whatever reason, cannot work on all goals on a given day.

New Main Goals

New Secondary Goals

  • Typing (minimum 30 min / day)
  • Evaporating clouds (learn basics and practice making some each week)
  • Blog (minimum 1 non-goal related posts / week)


Starting 2020-04-23 and ending 2020-05-21 (4 weeks).
On 2020-04-22: evaluate and post new goals.

Edit 2020-04-23:
– I added a Color Code to my goals so that I can easily see if I am working on them or not.

Edit 2020-04-25:
– Changed goal details to be more specific and less vague: “YesNo philosophy (post questions and discuss with Alisa on weekly basis)” –> “YesNo philosophy (ask and discuss at least 1 question with ET / Alisa / week)”.
– Added “Log Goal Goals” to My FI Learning Log.

Edit 2020-05-02:
– Updated programming goal from “about 2 chapters / week” to “minimum 2 chapters / week”
– Updated YESNO goal from “ask and discuss at least 1 question with ET / Alisa / week” to “post & discuss at least 1 question with ET / Alisa / week”.
– Updated blog goal from “minimum 2 posts / week” to “minimum 1 non-goal related posts / week”

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