Goal: Typing Goal Update – 1 Week In

I have practiced my typing for about a week using typing software to work on this goal of mine.

Every Tuesday for about 10 weeks I will do tests on keyhero.com and post my results.

I will do one typing session as training that I do not count towards the results. After one test run, I will do 3 sessions that count to the result presented below.

Results, April 14th

  • Mean WPM this time: 36.77 (+ 4.5 WPM)
  • Mean WPM last test: 32.27 (only did one test run)
  • Mean Accuracy this time: 94.65% (+ 0.82)
  • Mean Accuracy last test: 93.83% (only did one test run)

Training Tools

I have mainly used a program called KeyKey Typing Tutor. It was working well up until lesson 6 where my keyboard keys no longer matched the available ones in KeyKey. I still use KeyKey but only lesson 1-5.

On April 12th I added typingclub.com to my training.

Training Plan

I do three sessions per day. 10 minutes each.

Since adding typingclub.com to my training plan I have used KeyKey for 2 sessions and trainingclub.com for one session each day.

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