Goal: Learn to type faster with high accuracy

One of my current goals is to learn to type on a keyboard faster and with high accuracy (95% or above).

I did test my speed and accuracy at www.keyhero.com/free-typing-test/ yesterday (April 6th).

I type in English.

Results, April 6th

  • 32,27 words per minute (WPM)
  • 93,83% accuracy


I will use typing training software on daily basis and do new tests every week. I will post my results in a new post once every week for as long as I continue this project.


I only did the test one time. I should do it at least 3 times and use the mean. That way it will not be as dependent on the text that pops up but better display my current typing level.

13 thoughts on “Goal: Learn to type faster with high accuracy

  1. deroj Post author

    I’m want to focus on accuracy over speed and when the accuracy is high try to do it a little faster in turn.

    During training so far I notice WPM improve when I focus on accuracy. Even though I think I am slower I am actually faster. When I do not make mistakes I do not have to correct mistakes and lose time on error correction –> thus improving overall speed.


  2. deroj Post author

    I do get fatigued in my left underarm and it starts to ache during training sessions.
    Bad writing position (in sofa with laptop in lap)? Probably.
    Tense posture (shoulders and arms in particular? Yes.


  3. deroj Post author

    I am right handed. My left hand and fingers lack the dexterity of my right hand and fingers. That must be the reason why my left underarm gets stiff and starts to hurt.


  4. deroj Post author

    Started on Lesson 6 on KeyKey Typing Tutor today. It introduces the character ‘ . The available keyboard configurations in KeyKey Typing Tutor do not include my keyboard config so I will restart from lesson 1 and will look for a new typing training tool.


  5. deroj Post author

    I struggle to keep focus on accuracy and tilt toward speed most of the training sessions.

    I will put more effort into accuracy. I do not know of a good way to achieve this other than just focusing more on accuracy. Maybe KeyKey, displaying WPM, is not the best tool for me. It does display accuracy as well.
    I will continue with KeyKey for the time being despite of this, but I will be looking for alternatives as well.


  6. deroj Post author


    #1: 36.96 WPM @ 91.84% (problem: long text fail w/ both speed & accuracy at end)
    #2: 40.18 WPM @ 95.51% (problem: no significant problem)
    #3: 37.87 WPM @ 92.70% (problem:long text again – fail everything at end)

    Mean: 38.34 WPM & 93.35


  7. deroj Post author


    #1: 37.91 WPM @ 92.78% (problem: When I make a mistake I take long time to correct it. Mistakes stress me out.)
    #2: 37.57 WPM @ 90.89% (problem: Mistakes take long to correct & stress me out.)
    #3: 40.58 WPM @ 94.98% (problem: Mistakes & stress.)

    Mean: 38.69 WPM & 92.88


  8. deroj Post author


    #1: 43.66 WPM @ 97.83% (problem: Stressed.)
    #2: 39.59 WPM @ 95.71% (problem: Stressed. Made a mistake and it takes long to fix it. Mistakes and words shown different than in training app.)
    #3: 43.95 WPM @ 98.37% (problem: Stressed. Some difficult names / words made me slow down a lot at points.)

    Mean: 42.40 WPM & 97.30%


  9. deroj Post author


    #1: 42,85 WPM @ 96.25% (problem: Errors take time to correct.)
    #2: 43.39 WPM @ 96.59% (problem: Long piece. More errors towards end of text.)
    #3: 42.07 WPM @ 95.68% (problem: More error as I got fatigued in hands / fingers. Should take a couple of minutes between tests.)

    Mean: 42.77 WPM & 96.17%


  10. deroj Post author

    Losing time on correcting mistakes has been one of mig biggest problems (besides making the mistake in the first place) on typing tests.
    Until now I have just skipped and moved on from mistakes when practicing. From today I am starting to correct every mistake I make while practicing.



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